Pawfessor Dion's Dog Vehicle Seat Belt Bungee Harness Car Leash
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Pawfessor Dion's Dog Vehicle Seat Belt Bungee Harness Car Leash

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Keep you and your dog safe while driving

We all love to let our furry friends ride along with us. But they can become a distraction if allowed to roam free in your car. With our seat belt leash, you can give your dog some room to move around the backseat but restrict him from jumping into the front seat. Even the most behaved dogs will try to venture into the front seat at the most inconvenient time.

Does your dog like to stand on the center console when you are driving, or sit in the middle seat so he can see where you are going? Mine does too! That was fine until one day when I had to brake hard he came flying into the dashboard, changed my radio stations and knocked the gear shift in neutral. 

Does your dog like to stick his head out the window when you are driving? So does mine! Until one day, he saw a cat in the car next to us at a red light and tried to jump out the car.

Now he is always leashed up with our seat belt leash. This keeps him in the back seat where he belongs!

Works Great! Looks Great! 

Pawfessor Dion's seat belt bungee leash easily inserts into most automobile seat belt latches and can be adjusted from 12"-24" long to accommodate dogs of all sizes. It also has an elastic bungee to help cushion your dog from sharp movements of your car. The gunmetal finished metal clip swivels 360 degrees to keep the straps from getting twisted.

We are also proud to offer the Buy 1 Give 1 program. Doing our part in supplying dog rescues around the world with a never ending supply of dog leashes, collars, and more!

Why You'll Love It:

  • Adjustable from 12" - 24" to fit dogs of all sizes.
  • Elastic Bungee
  • Available in 4 colors that match our leashes! (Black, Blue, Red, Pink)
  • Heavy Duty Clasp
  • Gunmetal finish


When you purchase one of our high quality seat belt leashes you are not only getting a seat belt leash that is 2x stronger than other seat belt leashes, and is super reflective to help with visibility at night, but your also donating to a rescue in desperate need.

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